Restaurant in Akron OH, Michael's AM

We never use preservatives, emulsifiers, food dyes, or additives in the things we make. We now make our own salad dressings, ham, chicken and egg salads, soups, chili, and many of our breads– including a gluten-free cinnamon raisin bread. In the coming weeks, look for a cranberry cheddar cheese bread, a honey oat bread, and other gluten-free items. We also are making our own corn beef, corn beef hash, and pastrami. Soon we will add a homemade pulled pork sandwich and homemade rye bread to the menu.

We also plan to add new entrees, such as a salmon salad to our lunch menu, and German and Dutch pancakes, as well as Abelskiver to the breakfast menu. We recently added a homemade apple cider waffle to our waffle selections, and will add several baked French toast items as well. For those of you that are vegetarian and/or vegan we will be adding a vegetarian stew, casserole, and other plant-based dishes.

We are especially excited about our continued efforts to add new, baked-from-scratch items to our bakery, including coffee wheels, cakes, and biscotti. Several of you have asked if you can buy our quiche, sour dough, cinnamon raisin bread, and other items to take home; when we expand our kitchen facilities we will be able to accommodate those requests. You can special-order these items now at the check-out counter.

I am also proud to mention that we have adopted an additional philosophy of sourcing our ingredients from local providers: our sausage products now come from Dumas Meats in Mogadore; our eggs are from a grower in Winesburg and are 100% organic; and we are also exploring buying our chicken and turkey products from a local organic farmer. More changes will be coming as we continue with our transition.

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