Martial Arts in Olney MD, Kang's Black Belt Academy

Kang's Black Belt Academy is a well known Martial Arts studio in Olney, MD, offering programs that are based on the core values and tenets of traditional Tae Kwon Do training. We start with respect and develop students’ skills relating to: integrity, perseverance, self-control and discipline. Kang’s core curriculum will teach you blocking and striking techniques, multiple forms and move combinations, as well as sparring and real-world self-defense application. Through skills and techniques, our students grow and strengthen their attitudes, behavior and overall character development. We offer our classes to children of all ages, they are introduced to martial arts through fun activities and drills. Students learn life and safety skills, discipline and respect. Whether you are looking for beginning classes or advanced instruction in Olney, MD, call on Kang's Black Belt Academy.

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