Flooring Contractor in Orange CA, The Squeaky Floor Doctor


The Squeaky Floor Doctor’s Pro Floor 2100 System will convert your Sagging, Bouncy and Squeaky upstairs Sub-Floors into a "level" rock solid floor that feels like a concrete floor for a fraction of the cost of a typical concrete second floor.

The Squeaky Floor Doctor has designed and engineered the 10-step ProFloor 2100, 2200, 3000 Systems to retrofit existing homes to permanently solve the most difficult and challenging structural integrity sub-floor problems. Upon completion of the retrofit process, your second story floors will feel more solid and your furniture will not vibrate or rattle when you walk across the floors. The written warranty that comes with every job will provide coverage and protection against the squeaks,
humps, dips and slopes from every reappearing problem due to normal wear and tear, settlement issues and earthquakes. In many cases, squeaks and uneven areas develop and manifest over time and when our proprietary ProFloor Systems are being installed, we are proactive and comprehensive in our approach making sure to catch any future squeaks or uneven areas before they occur.