Transportation in Bensenville IL, Pelican Logistics Inc

Pelican Logistics Inc is a full service international freight forwarding transportation company with the capability of handling just about any type of shipment. Based in Bensenville, IL, Pelican Logistics Inc has been in business since 1995 and continues to lead the way in the International Freight Forwarding industry. Initially created to serve the needs of small to medium size companies exporting to difficult areas of the world, we have grown into a full-service operation enjoying the support of many multinational corporations doing business worldwide. As a result, their coverage has expanded to over 100 both domestic and international representative offices. Pelican Logistics Inc in Bensenville, IL has become a one-stop shop for importers and exporters of all sizes by offering support logistical services, international banking collections, all risk insurance and general counseling and consulting on going global.

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