Baseball Training in Lovejoy GA, Beckhams Baseball Genius Academy

The Baseball Genus Academy is a Baseball Training organization in Lovejoy, GA, that was founded in 2015 by Jeremy Beckham, one of the most sought out instructors and coaches around the Atlanta area. Jeremy’s idea was to create a baseball organization that was family oriented, honest, fair and free of politics. The primary goal was to build a great facility with fitness training and batting cages and that would be fair, honest and passionate about helping young people with dreams of playing competitive baseball at the college level. With these fundamental principals in mind the staff, which is comprised of collegiate and professionally experienced coaches, set out to build a program that would attract attention by developing and promoting their athletes nationwide. Our mission for the Baseball Genius Academy, is to help develop the skills of amateur baseball players and promote them to colleges and universities. 90% of our graduating athletes have received scholarships to play baseball at the collegiate level.

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