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Dr. Chisholm was born and raised in North Carolina. Early in life, he gained a deep appreciation for others well-being and a deep sense of a duty to help others. This led him to medical school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. From there, he set aside his fondness of Carolina Blue for the Orange and Blue of Gainesville, FL. Surgery residency training at the University of Florida gave him a well-rounded experience that included routinely performing some of the most complex general surgery cases. He gained more experience as an attending surgeon at the Gainesville VA where he demonstrated how to safely and thoughtfully care for the surgical patient. At that time, the Gainesville VA system was the second busiest in the nation, behind only the Tampa VA system. In the 5 ½ years there, Dr. Chisholm performed and taught general surgery procedures to residents. This included over 200 colon surgeries (more than many surgeons perform in a career). It is believed that he performed the first laparoscopic colon resection in the UF department of surgery, while at the VA. “It was a privilege to serve our veterans and in some small way give back to a special group of people who have given so much for our country.”

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