Asbestos Removal in Minneapolis MN, Aztec Asbestos Removal

Welcome to Aztec Asbestos Removal. We like to tell you about the services here at Aztec Asbestos Removal we care very much about our clients as well as the quality work we deliver, we would like to say that we take the time to clean all surfaces in the work area to assure that our client is satisfied, has a piece of mind, and doesn't have the worry of asbestos fibers after air samples have been complete.

Asbestos can be very dangerous if not handled properly, and that is our main focus is to keep our client safe and to assure that they can actually see that a quality job has been performed. We want our clients to feel customer satisfaction once our job has been complete and that is our ultimate goal.

Safety is also a high standard goal. Keeping our clients businesses, homes, etc., safe by following all rules and regulations is very important. Most commercial & residential abatement activities is inside double plastic containments, under negative air pressure from asbestos HEPA filter device units with suits and respirators, we use one suit to set up for work and two for the actual abatement / removal process, everything gets wet before removal, during and after, it gets double bagged before leaving work area, ones all is out area get encapsulated with asbestos fiber lock encapsulant, one layer of plastic gets taken down and it get ready to Air test.