Martial Arts in Silvis IL, Ekim's Karate, Kickboxing & MMA

Master Smith received his black belt in 1988 and in 1989 opened his own dojo. For two decades Ekim's karate has offered programs for all ages, from karate to aerobic kickboxing, and weight training. In recent years Ekim's has been involved with many Quad Cities Fighting Championships, which are growing strong in the world of MMA.

Promotions are always held at Ekim's in Silvis. Master Mike Smith began his training in the art of karate with Master Tarpein in September of 1982. As a student of Master Tarpein Mike won several state and national karate tournaments before turning his sights on kickboxing. In 1986 Mike won the light heavyweight PKA title in Wisconsin.

Ekim's has trained many men and women in kickboxing and mixed martial arts. Many have been featured in local and regional MMA events.

Contact us if you are interested in training, use of our facilities, or rental of our state of the art cage pictured here.

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