Restaurant in Corning NY, Little Boomers' Burrito Bar

The Cleary family has a long history in the restaurant business in Corning. Karen Cleary and the late Fran "Boomer" Cleary owned former Corning eateries Boomer's, Boomer's Bistro and Boomer's Catering.

Now, their children - Andrew and Nicole Cleary - hope to continue the tradition with Little Boomer's Burrito Bar, at 30 W. Market St.

The Cleary siblings say they grew up on Market Street, learning the ins-and-outs of the restaurant business.

"We grew up in the food industry, from helping cater to working in our parents' restaurants," Andrew Cleary said.
Choosing the location for their new restaurant came easily to Andrew and Nicole.

"The atmosphere is great on Market Street, you don't find that anywhere else in the city," Nicole Cleary said. "We love being back."

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