Funerals in Newport News VA, Carter Funeral Home - Denbigh Chapel

The Carter Funeral Home was established in 1932 by my father G. Nelson Carter in a small farm house in Gloucester County Virginia on land that belonged to James A. Carter, my grandfather. Our firm has a reputation for excellent restorative art. We use the most modern and creative application of chemistry and cosmetics such
that families often come from the viewing thanking us for eliminating the appearance of pain and suffering that had been their last memory of their loved one, and restoring them to the appearance of peaceful and beautiful repose. We have a huge selection of caskets and cremation urns. Our florists are creative and talented. Every detail of funeral service is attended to professionally. We are not the least expensive funeral firm, but we are excellent at what we do, and our charges are reasonable given the high standards that our clients set, and that we meet. As in many aspects of life, you get what you pay for.

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