Concaves in Craik SK, Wildfong Enterprises

Wild Fong Enterprises in Craik, SK builds concave's using AR 400 plate which is four times as hard and twice as strong as regular steel; this means they can outlast our competitors significantly. Our parts are precision cut at professional laser shops to ensure the best fit for fabrication and lasting quality. For threshing, we use more height above the wires to ensure quality threshing for our clients, setting us above factory design. Our continuous bar design allows all three concave's to synchronize as one, leaving no dead spots or interruptions in the threshing process. For more information about concave's, threshing elements or manufacturing models in Craik, SK, call on Wild Fong Enterprises.

Duration: 00:29

Video tags: Concaves, Threshing Elements, Manufacturing Models, Craik, SK