Medical Uniforms in Nyack NY, Scrubs Nyack

Scrubs Nyack is a highly rated uniform business in Nyack, NY that was established in 2004. We started our business by mainly serving area hospitals and dental offices, from medical uniforms, scrubs to medical scrubs and more. We had found that medical professionals were often too busy to run around from store to store shopping for scrubs. Since our customers pretty much live in their uniforms, we were committed to providing them a wide variety of products to choose from with pricing incentives that simply couldn’t be beat.

We believe that medical uniforms should as good looking as they are functional. That’s why we’ve developed so many amazing styles, such as our Infinity line of scrubs featuring our Certainty antimicrobial protection. By blending looks and wear ability, its no surprise that Cherokee has become the standard in medical uniforms today. Looking for top of the line medical uniforms, call on Scrubs Nyack in Nyack, NY today!

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