Educational Consulting in Concord MA, The Dromgoole Center For Admission

The Dromgoole Center for Admission is a personalized admissions counseling service in Concord, MA that has been established since 1972. The prep school and college selection is a journey, and every journey begins with a single step. Take your first step in the right direction with your knowledgeable guides, The Dromgoole Center for Admission is our family-based business that has over 45 years of experience helping students and families navigate the ever-changing admissions landscape. Our goal is to help students find the right fit-schools for them, ensure that their application materials are customized and share their story in order to get the best read possible in admissions. Next to buying a home, a college education is your second biggest expenditure. Invest wisely. Call on The Dromgoole Center for Admisstion in Concord, MA, don't travel alone - we can help you reach your destination.

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