Crop Insurance in Hillsboro OH, ICAP Crop Insurance

ICAP Crop Insurance specializes in crop and protection insurance in Hillsboro, OH. We also keep up to date with marketing and risk management opportunities. We network with other sources and provide educational seminars to help increase your profitability. We can help you make the best decisions for your operation from Crop Insurance, Agriculturalist Risk Management and Production Cost Insurance, a private product designed to safeguard agricultural producers’ profitability by covering both input costs and a significant portion of fixed costs. Farming is a high risk business, and volatile price movements in seed, chemical, fertilizer, and commodities make it difficult to predict farm revenue from year to year. We alleviate these concerns by providing a predictable annual revenue stream above defined, direct input costs. For more information on crop insurance in Hillsboro, OH, call on ICAP Crop Insurance today.