Massage in Nanaimo BC, Allywell Treatments

When you need a highly rated Massage Therapist in Nanaimo, BC, come to Allywell Treatments, who has been in practice sine 2016. Our wide selection of services for a variety of conditions, including Massage, Body Injuries, Infrared Sauna Therapy and much more. We specialize in a variety of massage techniques to suit a client’s specific needs, from deep tissue pain, to sports injuries, to stress relief and overall relaxation. I also offer cold laser photo therapy as a non-invasive treatment method for injuries, skin care and hair growth. Focusing on our clients’ total well being, both physically and spiritually, my one-on-one sessions are designed to give you the most enjoyable healing experience possible at Allywell Treatments in Nanaimo, BC. We also use aromatherapy oils, pain relief lotions, heated massage tables, candles and relaxation music for the perfect blend of atmosphere and massage.

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