Chimney Sweep in Concord NC, The Hearth Doctor, Inc.

At The Hearth Dr., Inc. in Concord, NC, there is one thing that sets us apart from other chimney sweeps, we have a focus on gas fireplaces as well, in fact we specialize in Gas Fireplace installation, service, and repair. We will work to provide you with a full service on your gas fireplace, that should be done once a year, our services also include Chimney Sweep, Dryer Vent Sweeping, Masonry Repair and much more. Regular maintenance is one of the key elements in owning a gas fireplace. When it is professionally maintained, you don't have to worry about carbon buildup, resulting in combustion, thus leading to a potential fire. Our professionals at The Hearth Dr. are dedicated to working on your services efficiently and on time, with affordable rates. When you need quality chimney and fireplace services in Concord, NC, call on At The Hearth Dr., Inc. today!

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